5 October - 4 November 2017
Home from Home
Exploring ways in which creativity and making are interwoven with identity and belonging in ceramicists whose cultural inheritance originates outside the UK
20 October - 22 October 2017
Grassi Messe Leipzip
An international forum and fair for applied art and product design from all fields
24 October - 25 October 2017
Celebrating Living Old Masters, London
An inspirational story of transformation and rediscovery of artists over 50
28 October - 29 October 2017
Oxford Ceramics Fair, Oxford
The 19th Annual exhibition presented by the Craft Potters Association
7 November - 23 November 2017
New Horizons, Joanna Bird Gallery, London
A new exhibition of work showing ceramics, glass, furniture and more
6 December - 10 December 2017
A Future Made Miami, Design Miami
Crafts Council showcasing British craft on a world stage
17 January - 21 January 2018
London Art Fair
Represented by Cavaliero Finn Gallery